Marketing team




How to participate and help?

Clearly the topics that the marketing team will discuss are very bikesheddey. We would like to see the team being assembled from every corner of a Nix community. To join the team please write an email to trying to answer the following questions:

The answers are actually not used to judge people if they are good enough to join, but to understand the person joining, their intent and their vision. Since we will discuss many things that could be very bikeshedding it is important that we understand each other’s position and the context they are arguing from.


You can expect at meetings to discuss things first in an abstract manner (what are our goals) and only then get into more concrete proposals (how do we achieve goals). Meetings will be scheduled as needed and as much as the team has time, but at least once a month. Initially it might happen that we will meet more often until the whole idea of what a marketing team is/does is bootstrapped. Minutes of the meetings will be published with the potential agenda and the date of the next meeting.


I tried to anticipate some questions/reactions: